With Hardware devices increasingly becoming smart and connected, data gathered from these are said to be more valuable than Oil! With Big data analytics and real time information systems, Robots are not just automating processes but becoming a standard. Never before has so many technologies converged into one single purpose - "Autonomous Machines".

We have openings for Software developers with the following skills:
Microsoft Technologies - C#.Net,
Sql Server,

Experience: 3+ years
Domain: Bigdata Analytics, IoT

At iFuture, you get to work on emerging technologies and experience a journey to use software for intelligent computing applications. Drop an email to

OEMs are a rare find in India. We are a product development company. We take concepts through a phase of ideation, design, Prototype, Proof of Concept and Pilot. Innovative products are born through inspiration. We offer an inspiring environment that nurtures and promotes design thinking. We build hardware that can connect to the world of internet and perform tasks that serve human needs.

We have openings with the following skills:
Part Modelling
Assembly, Sub Assembly
Advanced designs: Suspension, Chassis, Linear Motion Systems, Robot Kinematics, Joints

At iFuture, you get to build innovative Robots and design best in class automation systems for the emerging world. Drop an email to

iFuture Robotics, the disruptor in Intelligent Warehousing.

iFuture Robotics is hosted in the SAP Startup studio program 2017. iFuture Robotics being the top start up Robotics company of 2016 will go through a accelerator program with SAP to explore new development of products that are useful to SAP's customers. "This alignment with SAP's product offerings in Supply chain solutions shall provide us accelerated growth to Scale and bring our products to Global standards." - Rajesh Manpat, CEO